Paper Bag

Haberi Paylaşmayı Unutmayın

Monopack  acts with its expert staff in kağıt bags.   Monopack, the  paper bags and varieties they produce by considering customer satisfaction are appreciated all over the world.  Since paper bags are produced from 100% recyclable paper, they are among the most preferred and healthiest bags in recent times.

Monopack managed to make its voice heard in a short time as  a newly established dynamic company. With its partnership structure consisting of young investors,  it was appreciated with a staff that is more aggressive, more active and observes the needs of the world and can respond to it instantly.

Monopack, which closely observes the interests and wishes of customers with its personnel structure that knows its job and takes its job seriously, continues to expand and renew its machine park in order to meet orders. By closely following the technological developments in the world, MONOPACK company  has the advantage of always being number one in the field with its expert staff in paper bags.

Paper Bags

  1. Unprinted White Kraft Bags With Twisted Handle
  2. Unprinted Brown Kraft Bags With Twisted Handle
  3. Printed White Kraft Bags With Twisted Handle
  4. Printed Brown Kraft Bags with Twisted Handle
  5. Flat Handle Unprinted White Kraft Bag
  6. Flat Handle Unprinted Brown Kraft Bag
  7. Flat Handle Printed White Kraft Bag
  8. Flat Handle Printed Brown Kraft Bag

Paper bags are used by many companies with peace of mind  .  Companies can choose their bags in the desired sizes even if they wish, while they can choose printed or unprinted.


Paper bags are produced by MONOPACK company for sectors such as  Food, Pharmacy, Textile, Nuts, Bakery, Cafe and Restaurants, Fast-Food, Ready-to-wear, Chocolate and Confectionery, Coffee, Stationery, Electronic Markets, Chain Markets.


An ecological product  paper bag with handle, paper bag and flat handle paper bag manufactured by Monopack, has adopted a goal to invest in innovations and development. Production with technological machines to achieve high quality does. Firm “We continue our work rapidly with the awareness that all kinds of investments made in R&D are actually made in the future of our company,” officials said, adding that they closely follow technology and changes and innovations.

Stating that the company has adopted customer satisfaction as a principle unconditionally, the  authorities state that the best advertisement is customer references, that they believe that customer satisfaction passes through quality, and that they supply paper bags to the few companies and institutions of Turkey and the world.

Nylon bags create pollution in nature and do not disappear from our world for many years.  Paper bags, which are very easy to recycle and  do not pollute our world, are both more aesthetic, more durable and possible to use for a long time.

The use of a product whose service life or function has ended as raw material by reprocessing it is defined as recycling. Recyclable products save a great deal of energy. Paper bag bags, which can be used in every field  , are designed and presented by Monopack company as printed.


Monopack, which wants to offer its customers products that have a robust, aesthetic appearance and do not harm human health, helps you minimize packaging costs thanks to both special discounts and free shipping options in bulk orders.